Minimum 6 megapixels
4256 x 2832 px or higher @300dpi
No upsampling / increased file sizes
We DO NOT accept mobile photography


Minimum resolution of 1920 x 1080.
Clips should be between 5 -15 seconds long, or longer if required for context and impact.
Export as ProRes 422 .MOV files. If the video is from a 10-bit source, use ProRes HQ.
Do not adjust colors before uploading. Please submit neutral ungraded original colours, in Log if available. If the footage was captured in Raw, please convert to Log.
Upload all of the clips from a shoot at the same time. Separating shoots can cause major delays in our Editor’s workflow.



You must submit a Model or Property Release Form where necessary.
We reccommend using a mobile app such as 'Release', and sending the form with your content submission.